Use Screens either for Privacy or Dividing Room

Some may call it privacy screens and others may know them as a room divider but their users have the same importance. Folding screens can be used either way for privacy or for a diving room depending upon the basic functional uses of individuals. Likewise, ages back they were used in the Royal palaces for hiding privacy and now in modern times, these are using for catering multiple needs in diverse ways.

These screens are even designed in many patterns to accommodate the need of every home. Majorly screens are preferred by those who lives in small apartments or those who have space constraint problem with them. Made up with three panels or more, these are attached together by hinges so that it can be used as decorative or divider.


Over the decades, the styles and designs have changed significantly thus are not just used for dwellings. Earlier these were made of wood and fabrics but now metal ones are also coming into fashion. Artists are even designing these with some interesting designs to give it more a unique look. Demand has also increased as like many hospitals, offices, restaurants are even popularly using these folding wooden screens or metal screens.

One can now even buy privacy screens that have been made from glazed glass, stained glass or sand blasted glass that has been engraved. They have made from metals in an array of color and have been decorated with fine arts so that every person who is looking for this can get it.

With due varieties, there are many screens that can match with every type of furnishing on the planet, you only have to choose it wisely. No matter what screen you choose out of availability, the basic purpose of the screen will remain static.


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