How I transformed my home into farm house with antiqued finished furniture

Hi my friends, first of all thanks for taking time to reading this. In today’s blog, I will talk about a couple furniture which I have featured few days back in my home to give it a more farm house look. You must be thinking that why did I do that when everyone is running after getting contemporary or country house look? Because, I hardly had a chance of visiting farm house for vacations. It only happened once or twice in a year and I love being into traditional farms. Then I realized that I could easily make my home setup in that way. I don’t really need a big farm with lots of space for that. To conclude, we (me and my family) have decided to transform our house into Farm house. For tinted look, I thought of creating some inspirational guise with antiqued touch to enjoy favourite family moments being together.

What all I have added to redesign my home into grange is listed below, scroll down your cursor to check it out.

Wood Basket Bench with Huge Storage Capacity in White ColorClassy Robertson Black Wall ClockElegant Unique Styled Wood Rope Table LampMercury CandleholdersSweet Wood Bell Wall Panel

If you want more elaborated farm house look, then you can opt for other design accent furniture and accessories also. Look over our site for multiple options according to your budget. Do share your comments down below the comment box, if you really find it helpful.


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