Sassy Beatrice Floor Lamp by IMX

Lamps are featured to illuminate lights in the rooms or in the entire home space. Using and decorating home with lamps are very old method to do it, because it all has been followed in our traditions. Basically, today’s trend is influenced by our ancient times home designing methods. They were using the lamps to bring light and visibility to the room or the passage ways. But today, motives are quite different as we are more involved in materialistic things. We buy things not to use it but to decorate our home interiors. All homes decorative which creates aesthetic ambience in home is popular these days. Floor lamp is one decorative out of them. But yes we cannot deny that antiqued inclination has influenced us.


As I said we live in a materialistic world, we choose antique floor lamps rarely for their lights but more for decoration purposes. They are great to create aesthetic look than functional use. Placing it in the living room, bedroom or guestroom will accentuate the hue setting or theme with an added feature will attract the attention of every guest visiting home. This Sassy Beatrice Floor Lamp will add a warm touch to the interiors by blending easily with every coloured furniture.

Now, there are many stores offering mimic designs to provide extra fixture to match with every styled home furnishing. Some lamps are designed with glass frame with a gilded base, some have ornate cloth or some have stained lampshade. But decorating a home with a floor lamp prepared with a combination of wood with fabric lampshade will definitely create a hue of antiqued style.


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